Tech Projects

An ever growing list, will update as I can


  • Error count tracker - aggregates data from reporting team site (PHP+mysql)
  • Redo movie application using newer OS libraries. Phing, Phpunit, Slim, Mustache, jquery datatables, bower, grunt, requireJS, d3, Rickshaw, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Learning Node.js


  • Setup Gitblit as GIT repo browser
  • Mobile version of Mini blog project (jQuery mobile, phoneGap, jasmine)
  • Template optimization - white space, html comment, inline CSS removal, JS restructure at end of page
  • Reduce data set memory footprint looking for superflous cruft
  • Enable HTTP compression for optimized bandwidth usage
  • Java application to scrape report page and create trending graphs of the data
  • Golf Handicap tracker
  • Mini blog - uses CodeIgniter framework, fullcalendar jquery extesion, google data api, polls email address for new entries, tag cloud, search highlighting, simile timeline display
  • GPS waypoint manager - supports scraping of, displays waypoints on google maps, saves geocaches found, output format for Garmin Nuvi
  • Movie's watched application - uses jquery, simile, plotr (graphing), and smarty templates
  • Firebug extension customizations for network profiling and logging
  • Additional form fields for webforms
  • Global Auth 4.1 / PP Lite
  • Refactor/cleanup of Customer Service Presentation logic and enhance debugging ability
  • Refactor multi-national information lookup to effectively use properties files over hard-coded values in template logic
  • Customized template view for Fraud agents. Open account info across dual monitors. Lazy load resource intense data by utilizing AJAX, ability to change page layout by Drag-Drop with cookie persistance, utilizing Prototype/Scriptaculous
  • On demand data loading of sensitive information via AJAX, allows for auditing of lookups.
  • Run-time agent assignment tool
  • Data graph using CSS/JS positioning, darwin
  • Small features which utilized parts of YUI (connection, calendar, container)
  • Cleanup template usage of tables and inline-style calls (hijack methods) for standards compliance
  • Run-time js fee calculator
  • Convert legacy CGI code to XML based template language
  • Become familiar with large scale development practices and procedures.
  • Upgrade XmlUI Framework for developer usability; Implement license manager and Custom component workflow; Maintain release engineering
  • Prepared presentation for University of Hawaii at Manoa Outreach on the topic of "Developing Java-based Applications"
  • Convert existing timesheet application to XmlUI Framework 2.0, test performance, scalability, usability
  • Prepared course materials for a class on Advanced J2EE, using JBoss 3.2.5. Topics included EJB (Entity, Stateless, Message-driven), JMS, Struts, Transactions, and Web Services
  • Created XmlUI Framework 2.0, based on XML / XML to create windows like components in a web environment. This allows a uniform user experience across all platforms, browsers. Includes Licensing Manager and Localizatoin support
  • Prepared course materials for a class on Struts by, by
  • Cleanup of Smartcafe system for E-learning Student and Instructor work flows.
  • Content Management system tracked the flow of a test requirement and test case document, data storage in XML via Castor was especially helpful when converting data to PDF; using XSL-FO.
  • Content Management system which allowed users to build a mini-website. Content was then transformed into an iso-image ready to be burned on a CD by a third party reproduction company.
  • Reporting tool based on client provided schema. Utilized stored procedures to optimize queries, which turned out to be complex due to compensation for the existing ERD.
  • Implemented an E-Learning site some key features are User Registration, Course Shopping, Viewing of Course Materials, Take Quiz, Review the Course.
    System is structured with 6-tier architecture (includes OpenLDAP, PostGress DB, JBoss EJB Server, GLUE Soap server, Tomcat, and Apache). Don't forget the admin system.
  • Evaluated SOAP implementation
  • I revamped the "Secret Santa" website. New features include: groups, admin for groups, personal wishlists, text based entries of preferences, email alerts, and more.
  • XML and XSL demo project with Jakarta Cocoon 1. Based on the browser used, the application picks different XSL templates to transform the XML. The browsers being differentiated are Nokia, Palm, and a Web Browser. Used for classroom teaching, the project also utilizes Xpath and FOP.
  • J2EE project with search, email, and bean containing App Globals (should have been using Properties class)
  • Got familiar with the tools available from, namely the Wireframe Tool, Query Sim (a definite weapon in the dev arsenal), and some of the custom tags.
  • Create XML/XSL templates to output html and wml for a given information. Using the Nokia Toolkit, GoAmerica emulator, Up browser emulator, an actual Palm V, and an actual Compaq iPaq, my team and I developed html/wml for each device. Then we reverse-engineered them into XML/XSL templates.
  • ColdFusion project with search, email, form validation, registration, user authentication, html scraping, and dynamic to static content conversion for optimal site viewing. The project was built on a modified fusebox technique. Powered by MS SQL Server 2000
  • ColdFusion based admin and reporting tool for MS SQL Server 20000
  • Object based content management framework similar to Allaire Spectra. Using an Oracle 8 database and WDDX for storage, we found performance to be a set back on the release.

last updated: Oct 21, 2010