About Me

Me My name is Ray and I live in the California Bay Area.California

I go by the nickname of Lil'Play, which was given to me back in Junior-high.

First I want to give thanks to my parents, family and friends.
I have much love for my family and friends. In the past, it was easy to stay close, but over time life changes and the closeness is harder to maintain. It seems that more and more we are spreading out but in our hearts we will always be close.

I have lived in sunny California (the Golden State) all of my life, so far. Most of my friends and family are here. As a little tike, I was born and spent my first years in the Bay Area, Union City to be more exact. My family moved to the city of Modesto, which is about an hour south of Sacramento. (Please refer to map on the right) Modesto has a real down-to-earth feel. I went to high school at Grace M. Davis, Go Spartans! I played football all four years and was Captain of the Track team. High school was a fun time.

Moving on, I went to college at San Jose State University (SJSU), where I received a good education in struggling for classes, resources and parking. But seriously, I got a fine education for what my parents had to pay. During my schooling, I have been very fortunate. For lack of a better word, luck has played a role in the opportunities that I have been given. I took the opportunity to play a role in Student Government and during my junior year, I was the Director of Ethnic Affairs.

I became deeply knowledgeable of the Engineering Building layout, seeing as I spent so much time there. Given the rich history of SJSU, I am glad to call myself an alumnus.

I was a XML/XSL developer on the web architecture team for Paypal, Inc (formerly an eBay company).
This entails creating templates for the presentation tier of the site. Formerly, I was a Sr. Web Applications Engineer at a small firm in the heart of Silicon Valley, JWAY Group, Inc.

I could be considered by some to be overly active and always wonder, "what's next", when I'm not working that is. I have repelled in to caverns, bungee jumped from a tower, and jumped out of plane at 15,000 ft (also known as skydiving). Nowadays, the most daring thing I do is going for joyrides on my motorcycle (1999 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe) on the freeways of the bay area. Winters are for snowboarding, spring and summer are for golfing, fall and winter are for body boarding, and everything else the rest of the time. Sleep is nice, but I have a habit of watching as many movies as I can. I'm not a complicated person, just know what I need and look to improve myself.

Recently, I have started spending a lot of time with a very beautiful and loving person. Trang and I began our relationship in July, meeting, of all places, online. We met at a very busy time in my life and has made my days that much brighter. It can be a jaunting experience starting a new relationship but we have been very happy and will continue to do so.

Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon. -Ray